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A Selection of Items from our Winter Sewing Sale 2 December 2015


‘...catalogued with an attention to detail that is rarely reserved for such relatively humble objects. Over the years Mr Bleasdale......has built up a good base of sellers, huge support from the trade and an enviable list of collectors.’

The Antiques Trade Gazette on the Sewing sales.



An Introduction to Bleasdales' Sewing Sales

Bleasdales Limited is the only auctioneer worldwide to specialise in the sale of antique sewing tools and accessories.


Robert Bleasdale, who founded the company in 2009, has more than 30 years of experience within the auction world and held his first specialist sewing sale in 1989. As an auctioneer he has achieved a number of world records including the sale of an Elizabethan thimble in 1990 which made £18,000.


At Bleasdales we use our extensive expertise to source sewing items from all over the world, many originating from pre-eminent private collections. Each of our sewing sales includes a broad spectrum of objects from antique thimbles to beautifully crafted sewing boxes and we always strive to source the best quality pieces.


Happily one of the great attractions of sewing tools and accessories is there are plenty of areas of collecting that are still very affordable for new buyers - do take the time to look at our Sewing Tools and Accessories Pages which will give you more information about different specialist collecting fields.

Bleasdales Auctions and Valuations




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Bleasdales' Winter Sale featured in 'Country Life'

Country Life - Feb 2016

'Country Life' journalist, Huon Mallalieu, captured by Sewing curios - Read more...

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Antique Sewing Tools & Accessories

Buy or sell antique thimbles, etui cases, sewing boxes, clamps, needlecases, silver pincushions, work and sewing boxes with Bleasdales Sewing Sale Auctions. 

Specialist Sales of Tunbridge, Mauchline and Related Sovenir Ware

Find some of the best examples of beautifully crafted Tunbridge, Mauchline, Tartanware and Souvenir Ware, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries in our regular sales.


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